“Boy, I don’t know, reading a bunch of emails sounds like a long slog  In no time I was hooked and it read like a true mystery novel. I thought the conclusion would be the typical American ‘Happy Ending’ with Dave Powers getting the CEO’s job as sweet revenge for Dave, and appropriate justice for Richard Nichols. But, alas, it was as messy as real life and people limped off to do the best they could.”

-Ron Glass

“Michael Sisti does an amazing job of representing a typical day in corporate America through his clever use of email. Everyone can learn from the trials and tribulations that consultant Dave Powers experiences throughout the book.”

-Cheryl Darmanin

Senior Director, Account Management, Yahoo!

“With unacceptable ethical behavior running rampant in our country, this highly entertaining novel addresses some of these issues in a must-read for every business school student and young professional striving to succeed in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace.”

-Christopher M. Gould, Sr.

General Manager, Salem Talk Radio

“If you’ve ever worked in a corporate environment, you’ll appreciate this cautionary tale on office politics with a capitol POLITICS. When consultant Dave Powers tries turning around marketing at a large, slow-moving insurance company the results are hilarious in a painfully true way.”

-Tom Monahan

Director of SPEC Advertising Portfolio Program, Johnson & Wales University, Author “Do It Yourself Lobotomy”

“The lessons in this entertaining novel make it required reading for every corporate executive. I gave copies to everyone on my staff.”

-Christine Howard

VP Compliance, Prudential Financial Inc.

“WOW. WOW. Holy friggin’ WOW! Using a clever email format to advance his story, the author takes us on a dizzy, frightful, tragic, humorous and insightful ride inside corporate America. Bravo, Mr. Sisti, job well done!”

-Michael H. Samuelson

author, ‘Voices From the Edge,” and “What Would Mickey Say: Coaching Men to Health & Happiness.”

“Congratulations on a fine piece of literature written in your unique style, and may it become ‘required reading’ for all college grads preparing for life in corporate America!”

-Thomas Mulvihull

Corporate bureaucrat, entrepreneur, artist, sculptor, and author

“A real-life ‘The Office.’ Ride along as an outsider, and learn how hard it is to be an insider. I found the characters believable, and not always ones you could be sympathetic with, and that the ‘plot’
was totally plausible with alliances, backstabbing, triumphs and tragedies of real business life, as well as life in general.”

-Dr. Michael W. Pitts

Associate Professor of Strategic Management, School of Business, Virginia Commonwealth University

“The novel is fascinating, educational, and reads a little like a horror story! I am stunned at this window into the brutal weaknesses of the giant-business model.”

-Wes Roberts

Publisher, SRQ Media Group

“A very insightful glimpse into the workings of corporate America in a fun and quick read. I recommend this book for educators, students, and anyone who would enjoy a well-written and captivating look at the dark underbelly of corporate gamesmanship.”

-Rosalie Jackson Regni

Assistant Professor, Merchandising, School of Fashion, Virginia Commonwealth University, Co-author of “Entrepreneurship in Action: A Retail Store Simulation”