Executive Bone Yard

A Novel of Betrayal, Greed and Shattered Dreams

A ruthless felon and former prominent attorney, Harold Stein hides his past behind a veneer of charm, bluster and a fictitious name. Now, as Gerard Morbus he’s driven by greed and hatches a diabolical plan. He secures the confidence of unsuspecting owners of struggling businesses by convincing them that he can save their companies. Once he gains control, he terrorizes these unsuspecting clients and loots their firms.

Dave Powers, whose company has fallen victim to this scam, must stop Morbus. Powers uses his business savvy to save the company, but he is no match against this heartless adversary. Morbus has marginalized him and stacked the deck against him by offering the key shareholders lucrative deals.

Unfiltered, brash and intense, the battle becomes an emotional rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurial terror as Morbus betrays, embezzles and discards them all.

The journey from Southern California to exotic Sao Paulo and the Sarasota Gulf Coast is fast paced, unexpected and tormenting. It’s a stunning, real-life story that races to a shocking conclusion.

Excerpt from a Beta Reader

“EXECUTIVE BONE YARD is either one of the most frightening books you will ever read – or the most important real world educational books you must read. It is the flip-side of the Hollywood ‘everything turns out well in the end.’

“EXECUTIVE BONE YARD is not a feel-good book. It is a work of entrepreneurial terror. No one knows what tomorrow will bring and as frightening as it is in real life, you have to know what the flip side of success can be. For a glimpse of that flip side, read EXECUTIVE BONE YARD but keep your seat belt buckled because the literary ride will be wild.”

Steven C. Levi
Author of 80+ books

Excerpt from a Beta Reader

Just finished it. I honestly think it is great! I read it all today.

Loved how you added so much dimension. Characters were very different than each other. The plot is really interesting. How business can be so shady and how easily people get away with embezzling. And how greedy people are. And mean and biased!

Now it’s time for bed and my heart is racing. Please hurry and finish so I know what will happen.

Thank you for letting me read it. I really enjoyed it and honestly couldn’t put it down.