Event Testimonials

“Great Powerpoint and tips. Loved the branding example you used with Joshua Bell.”

-Sue Wyar

Professor, State College of Florida

“. . . so many people stopped and thanked me for the great program selection – that’s you and your terrific presentation. I could tell our group was really engaged and interested in your enjoyable stories. Humor makes life so much more fun and encourages everyone to leave smiling.”

-Linda Gesko

Program Coordinator, Welcome Club/Alums

“Michael gave an entertaining presentation to our Rotary Club about how he got the entrepreneur bug at an early age growing up in New York City.”

-Richard Shendel

Program Chairman

“You shared the intricate details for the realtors to explain to buyers and sellers, and I could not have picked a better person to tell the story. That is what makes you such a great communicator!”

-Bernadette Caswell

Program Manager and Host