Market Snapshot

There are currently 10 million books available through Amazon and the other book marketers. An additional 1,500 or more books are added daily to the lists. Nearly all of them are poorly written, unedited, and have no meaningful marketing support. The result is only 0025% of all authors sell 1,000 books. And they realistically need four or five times that number just to break even.

Author Support

Every successful author, from the best-selling superstars to the indie authors selling a handful of books a week have a support team. The industry is so complex, with changes occurring daily that an author, regardless of talent level, cannot survive on his own.

The best sellers, through their publishing houses have a paid staff of agents, advisors, editors, writers, publicists, consultants, and more. The overwhelming majority of indie authors use various, discordant services to implement the multitude of necessary tasks in order to launch and market their books, with mostly ineffective results.

In addition to the people in the trenches, authors need to build a loyal fan base. The big-name authors have bases of tens of thousands of fans, and communicate with them regularly. The successful independent authors have a few hundred to a few thousand. And these lists of fans provide a base for the critical early sales and reviews for their new book launches.

I have published seven books, both traditionally and independently over the past ten years, without success (for the same reason noted above). Now, after studying the market for the last year, I have made a commitment to focus on the business side of publishing with the same effort as the writing side.

Having put together a team of talented advisors to work closely with me on producing and marketing books, I’m now building my fan base.

The Flash Mob

I’m looking for enthusiastic readers who are willing to support my writing, provide honest reviews, and participate in my communications, contests, giveaways, etc.

The activities of this group include:

  • Participating in brief surveys
  • Receiving pre-publication information on new books
  • Getting early reviews from beta readers
  • Supporting my social media efforts
  • Purchasing eBooks or print editions upon publication
  • Reviewing new books (critical!)
  • Participating in contests, giveaways, etc.
  • Receiving free content, short stories
  • And more

There are many benefits to joining The Mob. Every month you will receive a short story, an entertaining blog post, or a chance to participate in another activity. I promise the entertainment value will be worth it, and you will have fun!
Participation is free, and you can drop out any time.

Author Advisory Team

The Advisory Team is a volunteer group of people who like to read, like to be entertained, and would be interested to be connected to the book writing process.
The purpose of the group is to directly participate in my writing activity.

This could include:

  • Beta reading my work
  • Submitting your book concepts
  • Participating in brief surveys
  • Weighing in on promotional material
  • Reviewing new books
  • And more

There are many benefits to joining The Team. Every month you will receive a short story, an entertaining blog post, an opportunity to opine on my work, a chance to beta read one of my new books, or participate in a video conference call.
Participation is free, and you can drop out any time.
At this time, there are 25 members of the Advisory Team, and from time to time, there’s an opportunity to join when someone drops out. To be considered for future participation, send me a note using the form on the Contact page.

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