Author Advisory Team

The Advisory Team is a volunteer group of people who like to read, like to be entertained, and would be interested to be connected to the book writing process.

The purpose of the group is to participate in Mike’s writing activity. This could include:

  • Beta reading Mike’s work

  • Submitting your book concepts

  • Participating in brief surveys

  • Weighing in on promotional material

  • Reviewing new books

  • And more

There are many benefits to joining The Team. Every month you will receive a short story, an entertaining blog post, an opportunity to weigh in on Mike’s work, a chance to beta read one of his new books, or participate in a video conference call.

Participation is free, and you can drop out any time. Your email address will always remain confidential.

Click on Contact Page (above right), fill in your name, phone and email, and confirm that you want to join my team. And remember your information will never be shared!