Executive Bone Yard

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Power, Greed and Sex Threaten the Florida Business Dream

You’ll sometimes root for an SOB if he can rescue a failing manufacturer, rejuvenate a sexless widow’s dull life and make the investors rich. “Restructuring” may save companies, yet corruption can wreck the lives of company founders, shareholders and loyal staff.

Crime and sex scenes flit from LA to exotic Sao Paulo and the Sarasota Gulf Coast. As the savior builds his personal kingdom on the backs of dozens, we wonder: Are they all headed for the bone yard? You won’t know until you race to the last page.

 Excerpt from a Beta Reader

Just finished it. I honestly think it is great! I read it all today. 

Loved how you added so much dimension. Characters were very different than each other. The plot is really interesting. How business can be so shady and how easily people get away with embezzling. And how greedy people are. And mean and biased! 

Now it’s time for bed and my heart is racing. Please hurry and finish so I know what will happen.

Thank you for letting me read it. I really enjoyed it and honestly couldn’t put it down.

This is the last book in the Dave Powers Series